Ed really knows his stuff! I had my transmission rebuilt by another shop in the area. And it shifted really rough. I took it back three times and they never got it right. So I took it into Crown Valley transmissions, I was ready to spend a lot of money and have it rebuilt. But Ed made a very simple adjustment and now it is shifting great! He didn't charge me a dime!! I am so happy with Ed, I will recommend him to everyone!

Jeff S - Dana Point, CA

Thank god for people like Ed! My transmission light went on and the car's been acting funny... Ed steered me back towards my general mechanic to approach the troubleshooting from an electrical point of view (bad computers, battery, cables, etc....). Very glad to see he didn't "try to fix it" with unnecessary or illogical repairs. Thanks Ed. No work from your shop today, but that is not the worst news for me :). Your honesty and integrity are much appreciated!

Charlie M - Miami, FL

These guys are true professionals. ED was in constant communication with me. He didn't try to sugarcoat things being that I was dealing with an aftermarket warranty company. Ed handled everything and was even done a day and a half early. The shop is very organized which says a lot to me, they are specialist and it shows! I cant say thank you enough! !

Eric D - Mission Viejo, CA

Crown Valley was my 2nd opinion, after my car dealership insisted I needed an entire transmission overhaul, immediately. Ed explained to me that my 1999 Miata is simply showing its age. He told me the odd noises which had concerned me were most likely attributable to parts being more worn or "soft", as he described them. He did not recommend spending money for a new transmission in a car that, absent funny noises in reverse and an occasional delay getting into 1st gear when cold, runs pretty well. He did, of course, tell me to stay attuned to changes and increased or more consistent issues. I drove away feeling richer and, frankly, proud of the care I've taken of my little 2-seater. May she last another year before I need to take her back to Ed. I should also note that each time I called the shop, Ed answered his phone and was both polite & informative. He made me feel like a customer should feel: Respected and taken care of. Thanks, Crown Valley!

Lisa B - Laguna Beach, CA

I just left Crown Valley Transmission and I can not express how pleased I am with everything. From the phone call of booking the appointment to the service. I must say I have never had an experience quite like it. They offered for me to take the shop car to any appts I had which was very kind of them. I am all about service and your truly get what you pay for. There pricing is beyond fair as well. My truck runs like brand new just off a simple service. Highly recommend this place. The owner said "we treat everyone like family" that statement couldn't have been more accurate. Thank you again !! Huge fan

Ryan R - Laguna Beach, CA

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